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New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook

The New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook by Joel R. Brandes is available online in the print edition at the Bookbaby Bookstore and other bookstores. It is now available in Kindle ebook editions and epub ebook editions in our website bookstore. It is also available at Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads.

The New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook was reviewed in the New York Law Journal. Click here to read the review.

The New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook was also reviewed in Readers Favorite Book Reviews. Click here for that review.

The New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook was written for both the attorney who has never tried a matrimonial action and for the experienced litigator. It is a “how to” book for lawyers. This 836 page handbook focuses on the procedural and substantive law, as well as the law of evidence, that an attorney must have at his or her fingertips when trying a matrimonial action. It is intended to be an aid for preparing for a trial and as a reference for the procedure in offering and objecting to evidence during a trial. The handbook deals extensively with the testimonial and documentary evidence necessary to meet the burden of proof. There are thousands of suggested questions for the examination of witnesses at trial to establish each cause of action and requests for ancillary relief, as well as for the cross-examination of difficult witnesses. Table of Contents

Friday, March 28, 2008

W'ere Back

After a long hiatus in posting we are back with the New York Divorce and Family Law, a blog for New York attorneys and judges.

We hope that we will be able to make a meaningful contribution to the continuing legal education of the New York matrimonial bench and bar by responding to posts from attorneys with regard to any aspect of New York Divorce and Family Law.

New York attorneys and judges are encouraged to post on our site and respond to questions or comments posted by other attorneys with regard to about any aspect of New York Divorce and Family Law practice, procedure, court decisions or legislation.

Our objective is to create an forum for the exchange of knowlege and information among the bench and bar. We need your input, questions and comments to make it work. We need to hear from you.