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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Latest New York Decisions Now Posted (and discussed)

This blog is written as a public service to provide useful information to the New York bench, bar and litigant. We have tried to decide on a format for the posting on this blog which will differ from the other blogs on the web. Almost all of the divorce and family law blogs we have visited contain general discussions of recent cases reported in the media which are newsworthy, but are not really important or helpful for the attorneys, judges and litigants involved in the New York Court System.

We have decided to use our blog to create an alternative source for some of the information available on our New York Divorce and Family Law web site.

This site will report on recent New York decisions regarding New York Divorce and Family Law which, in our opinion, are important for those involved in the New York court system. Where appropriate, our postings will contain editorial comment. We welcome your contributions and comments.

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