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Friday, October 09, 2009

New York Child Support Calculator Now Available

The New York Divorce and Family Law™FamCalc Software Suite will be available after October 1, 2009. The programs, written by Jerry Cohen, Esq, of the New York Bar, in collaboration with Joel R. Brandes Consulting Services, Inc., were specifically designed to make make life easier for the New York Divorce and Family Law attorney. They require no more than basic knowledge of how to use a computer, and are so simple that they do not have menus or need help files. The New York Divorce and Family Law™Child Support Calculator, is now available. It automatically generates a helpful summary report, calculates the child support amount on combined parental income, both under and over $130,000, and drafts for you the language required to be included in agreements, stipulations, and findings of fact. Doing the child support calculations are "so easy a lawyer can do it". For information send an email to, or submit a request at


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